Discover the world of ultrasonic cutting

Step into a world filled with innovation, where science and technology collide, to introduce you to the fascinating process of ultrasonic cutting. This unique method utilises ultrasonic energy to penetrate through various objects. Unlike traditional cutting tools, where sharpness is key, here the blade creates a perfect cut using ultrasound.

Discover the world of ultrasonic cutting

Until now, ultrasonic cutting has mainly been used in industry. Massive machines and robotic arms have been deployed for tasks such as food cutting, from sweet cakes, through delicious pastries, to perfectly crisp bread. And in other industrial sectors? Ultrasonic cutters handle all types of materials - plastics, fabrics, rubber, wood, and much more.

But the technology has not remained just in the hands of industry. Smaller ultrasonic cutters are appearing on the market. Their core is a base with ultrasonic control, a connecting cable, and a handle with a transducer and blade. These compact cutters are typically powered by the electrical grid, and their dimensions are relatively small - the base averages around 20 x 10 cm and the handle approximately 14 x 3 cm.

Some models even operate on batteries. These handheld ultrasonic knives are made up of similar parts as their grid counterparts. Despite the advantages of wireless use, however, there are several disadvantages. You have to manage connecting cables, which are used for both the connection between the base and the handle, and for battery charging. In addition, these devices are designed for working with plastic products, and their design is not ideal for use in the kitchen while preparing meals.

Now, imagine if all these technological marvels and the benefits of ultrasonic cutting were available in a simple, comprehensive format, designed specifically for your kitchen. What would that look like? Move with us to the next developmental stage of ultrasonic cutting and discover a new world of possibilities!

Introducing a revolution in kitchen technologies.The world's first ultrasonic knife that fits all its technology into the handle!

We have achieved an ambitious goal: To develop an ultrasonic cutting device with technology so compact that it fits into the handle of a knife. We wanted to create a simple, intuitive, and compact tool without the need for cables and external control units. And we have done just that!

The result is a knife that defies conventional technique with its minimal technical arrangement. Our control unit measures only 7 x 3 cm, compared to competitors whose units reach dimensions of up to 17 x 10 cm.

Our innovation brings numerous advantages compared to the current state of technology:

  • A minimalist solution to ultrasonic technology that fits directly into the knife handle, with no need for long connecting cables.
  • Wireless charging and the ability to operate comfortably from a battery without power cables.
  • Easy portability thanks to an integrated battery and no need to be near an electrical outlet.
  • A wide range of applications thanks to interchangeable blades for both industry and gastronomy.

With its compactness, perfect structural arrangement, and unique design, our ultrasonic knife most closely resembles the classic look of a knife or chopper.

Compared to a standard kitchen knife, our technology offers these advantages:

  • Vibrations created by the ultrasonic cutting system reduce food adhesion to the blade, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing cut.
  • The ultrasonic power of the knife enhances its cutting properties and allows for the easy slicing of even hard foods.
  • Increased blade sharpness ensures minimal leakage of liquids from the food and better preservation of necessary vitamins.
  • You will achieve better results when cutting layered and fragile products.

And what did we have to customise to achieve this revolutionary goal? Absolutely everything! The wireless charging, battery, control system, the components of the control system itself, transducer, blades, and of course the cover. Our journey was full of challenges and innovations, but the result was well worth it.