Cordless ultrasonic cutter

45,000 movements per second — replaceable blade and battery

Grazie al coltello ultrasonico anche il vostro lavoro in cucina diventerà un’esperienza unica. Ecco a voi il primo coltello da cucina ultrasonico, che trasformerà anche la vostra cucina.

Cordless ultrasonic cutter

What does our ultrasonic cutter bring to your workshop?

Unique sonic technology. Our cutter is based on ultra-sonic technology. Thanks to this, the cutter is able to vibrate the blade with unprecedented speed and precision. The cutter thus gains a higher level of sharpness and the easy cutting of materials becomes literally a snap. Compared to a classic cutter, cutting is many times easier.

Multifunctionality. Our cutter is a universal helper for every workshop. You can easily cut plastic, ABS, PLA, Resin, Carbon Fiber, Acrylic, Expanded PVC Foam, MDF, Plywood, PVC, Leather, Rubber, PCB, Cotton, Silicone and much more...without any effort. All this thanks to ultrasonic technology and precise design.

Quality materials. The cutter is made of high-quality materials such as titanium and carbide, which guarantee a long service life and durability. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures a comfortable and firm grip of the cutter, giving you complete control over each cut.

Wireless charging. Forget about the constant search for outlets or replacing batteries. Our cutter charges wirelessly, ensuring comfort and continuous performance whenever you need it.

Our ultrasonic cutter will most frequently find use in the following sectors of industry:

  • 3D printing
  • dental supplies
  • processing industry
  • textiles
  • automotive industry
  • plastic modeling
  • modeling
  • woodwork
  • leather processing
  • wood carving
  • and much more...

Maximize your work efficiency and minimize your effort!

Hlavní výhodou našeho ultrasonického řezáku je, že je zcela bezdrátový a nikde Vám při práci nepřekáží žádné kabely.

Cutting has never been easier! The ultrasonic cutter from 369Sonic is completely wireless and battery-powered and moves at a frequency of 45,000 movements per second.

This ultrasonic energy in fine micro movements helps you easily penetrate various materials and makes your cutting work easier.

Benefits of our ultrasonic cutter

Ultrasound technology simplifies the cutting of a wide range of materials, including cardboard, plastic, plexiglass, leather, wood and many others.

Our ultrasonic cutter has a unique design that integrates all technological elements directly in the handle. No cables get in the way when you are working and cutting becomes fun.

The cutter comes with several types of interchangeable blades that are specifically designed for different types of cutting and work.

Wireless charging

Thanks to wireless charging, the cutter is easy to carry and can be easily placed back on the wireless charger after use. You are not limited by the length of the power cable – you can take the cutter with you anywhere, and after finishing the work, simply place it back on the wireless charger.

Wireless charging
Replaceable battery

Replaceable battery

The cutter is equipped with a system of replaceable batteries, which means that you can easily replace the battery at any time with a fully charged battery and continue working without interruption.


Design & tecnologia straordinari

What all is featured in the ultrasonic cutter?


Several types of blades

Blades for ultrasonic cutter

We supply the ultrasonic cutter with several types of interchangeable blades. Each blade is designed for cutting a different type of material. We have short blades, long blades, saw blades, etc.

Cutter blade

Cutter blade

Cutter blade

Cutter blade

Cutter blade

Cutter blade