Our Story of Sound and Vibration

The 369sonic brand was born out of our belief that there is much more to sound, vibrations, and frequencies than what our world has currently discovered. The power and possible applications of sound have utterly captivated us. We've delved deep into exploring and finding ways to use this power positively and beneficially for people.
Our Story of Sound and Vibration

We develop the potential of sound technology

We aspire to become leaders in this field. Wireless ultrasonic knives are just the tip of the iceberg. We are preparing many more innovative projects and products for you, all related to sound, vibration, and frequency.

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Our story in data

We bring

We are here to conduct sound research and bring you the benefits of our investigations through technologically unique products.


We develop

Our vision is crystal clear. We aspire to develop sound technology, become leading pioneers in this field, and help people through sound, vibration, and frequency technologies.


We innovate

Our purpose is to always keep an open mind, accepting all innovative ideas and perspectives, even if they initially seem unthinkable.

What does 369Sonic stand for?

Sound is everything! As Nikola Tesla famously stated, "To understand the universe is to understand the energy of frequency and vibration." Sound embodies immense potential and power. The current state of technology is barely tapping into this potential. We are here to change that.

Our Achievements to Date

We are the first in the world to have developed an ultrasonic technology that fits neatly into the small handle of a knife. In other words, we have manufactured the world's first ultrasonic kitchen knife! This is just the beginning of our journey towards innovation and the exploration of new uses of sound...

All things in our universe have their own resonant frequencies. Just find the right frequency and we can achieve miracles.


Our story in data

2011 – 2016

2011 – 2016

It all starts with an idea

I was putting myself through college and had lots of part-time jobs, but I quickly understood that I had to start a business if I wanted to be able to create my own story.

I didn’t have much money, so I wanted to come up with something unique, where I wouldn’t have any competition. We set up a company to produce aquariums to raise and breed jellyfish. It truly was very unique :)



A journey to the ultrasonic knife: A journey of discovery and innovation

One day I came across a strange thing I couldn’t get out of my head while watching a documentary on pyramids. It was a perfect tubular hole, something that it would be hard to create with modern technology, yet it was thousands of years old. The narrator claimed that they probably drilled it using sound. I kept thinking about how sound could drill a hole. And if it could, that was absolutely fantastic. The more I looked into sound, the more I kept bumping into the name Nikola Tesla. “Sound is a key factor in the universe. If you want to understand the universe, start by understanding sound.” Nikola Tesla

I also found that ultrasonic cutting machines exist, but they are predominantly large industrial boxes. And I wondered, what if I made it small enough to fit into a knife handle…



Every beginning arises from the end of a different story

I had the idea for an ultrasonic knife in my head for several years, but there was not enough time or strength to develop it. So, I decided to re-evaluate the entire situation and sell my business. Additionally, at that time my first son was born and I wanted to enjoy my time with him. Suddenly I had enough time and money. I immediately began the physical development of an ultrasonic knife. I’d had enough with mere theories!



The difficult path to a perfect ultrasonic knife

We worked intensively on the development of ultrasonic technology over the course of two years and the year 2022 was dedicated primarily to exhausting and seemingly never-ending testing and prototyping. We made dozens of prototypes, consumed thousands of components and relentlessly sought solutions for various development problems. It seemed to us that there was no end in sight. 

We also had to deal with the visual aspect of the knife simultaneously with its technical improvement. We created dozens of designs and visualizations, with hundreds of prototypes printed on a 3D printer before we achieved the final design. 



From Patents to Successful Market Launch 

Then came the year 2023, which began with the birth of my second son. We finally completed the research, tested the prototype, filed the patent application, and began crafting our marketing campaign.

The Future

The Future

Sharing Knowledge through Innovative Technology

We are a highly successful company that investigates the advantages of sound, vibrations, and frequencies, and shares this knowledge through innovative technology. We are innovators and leaders in this field, and our open-mindedness allows us to accept new knowledge without barriers.